Teaming with College Options Foundation, March 2 Success includes materials to help students navigate their future.  The Complete Guide to College Financing and Admissions provides an informative series of videos and interviews to help students navigate their future.  For students who plan to enroll in college, these videos provide valuable insight into the application process, interviewing skills and a process for identifying sources of financial aid and scholarships.  These videos also provide information to help you succeed once you get to college.  Information such as things to consider when selecting your major and helping with the decision to live on or off campus are beneficial to students as they move out on their own for the first time.

We also provide the Student Planning Guide – a detailed month-by-month planning guide for all college-bound high school students.  This guide details all of the important steps involved in the entire college preparation process beginning with the student’s freshman year and culminating with senior graduation.

Our content also includes Understanding Athletic Recruiting – a guide designed to simplify the complicated recruitment process of student-athletes.  It enlightens student-athletes and their parents regarding how to obtain athletic scholarships, as well as how to balance their schoolwork with the athletic careers and achieve success as both a student and an athlete.